Tuesday, 29 December 2015

It has been a month since I last posted about my November bellabox so it is about time I review the products that were sent to me.
Firstly is the Bic Soleil Glow razor. I didn't think I would get a chance to use this within the month because I have a razor already, and I particularly wanted to save this for travelling. I did get the opportunity to use it however, as I travelled to the Sunshine Coast to spend a few days with my parents before Christmas. Whilst this is probably a good razor for travelling and tidying up (ie underarm shaving) I wouldn't recommend it as an every day razor. It does come with a handy little cap so it protects the blades when transporting, however there are no soap bars on either side of the blades which is what I am used to when shaving. Having said this, I guess this makes it perfect for travel as it is better quality than your average disposable razor that is ideal for travelling but not your top of the range razor with all whistles, bells, and soap bars. The short of the long is that I would not recommend as your regular razor, but I do recommend as a travel razor.
Secondly is the Lavera Naturkosmetik tin of All-Round Cream. This product is an excellent moisturiser. I used this predominantly on my arms (I use a gradual tanning moisturiser on my legs as I am so pale). I found that it was quickly absorbed, not drying at all, neither was it too oily. My only uncertainty is the scent. It is not a terrible scent but I don't love it. However, at the same time I found it very comforting to me as it reminds me of a lotion my mother used to wear when I was younger.
Next is the Ulta3 nail polish in Blue Heaven. I have not used and Ulta3 nail polish for a long time, they were probably my very first nail polishes that I used to get- they were always in the $2 bins at the chemist. I was really impressed with this nail polish. Very vibrant bright blue (if that is your thing), wore well, dried quickly, and didn't chip.
Now I have to say I may have let you down here. The next product, the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or, I have not yet used. To be honest, I guess I have been a bit scared to. It is very glittery and to be honest, I have not been to any occasion where I need to dress up so glittery, nor do I often go out to parties anyway. So my apologies here, but when I do use it, I will let you know my thoughts.
The next product is the Laqa&Co. Cheeky Lip in Humble brag. In my previous post I described this colour as a pale pink, however when I have worn it on my lips, it is definitely not pale! It gives a wonderful pop of colour (without being too intense) and is a long lasting, moisturising consistency. This is a dual product so it can also be worn on the cheeks. I am not so much a fan of dual products like this. Whilst I love it as a lipstick, I don't so much as a blush/cheek colour. I find the consistency a bit too sticky for me and not as easily blendable as a blush.
Finally is the SebaMed olive face and body wash. I really enjoyed using this product on my face, I didn't use it as a body wash as the sample size is not really large enough. This product kept my face cleansed without drying my skin but also didn't leave it too oily. I have fairly combination skin which can dry out easily but also is very prone to pimples in my t-zone. The scent of this product is fairly neutral. I guess you could say it has a faint olive-scent but not terribly over-powering. Out of all the products I tried throughout the month, this is the one that I am definitely keenest to re-purchase.

I will post my unboxing of December's box tomorrow so come back to see what I received! Let me know if you've tried any of these products before and if your opinions differ from mine at all.

As always, take care,
elly xx

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