Thursday, 31 December 2015

Hello everyone, happy new years eve! Before the new year is upon us, I figured I should squeeze in my little Christmas haul from my loved ones, because I think I scored well this year!
First up, I will show what my parents gave me, I spent the few days before Christmas with them, then I came back home and spent Christmas day with my boyfriend.

From my parents I scored a cute set of Peter Alexander pj's with kitten faces all over the boxers and a ribbed grey singlet with lace detail around the neck line and a sweet little rose on the front. These are super comfy and soft, and I have been dreaming about kittens every night since I've worn them! They also gifted me a beautiful purse from Fossil. I was quite picky about what I wanted, I showed them something that was along the lines of what I want but I had really come across something that I fell in love with. The purse is perfect- white with gold foil spots and a gold zipper. And it is very roomy on the inside, I can fit a lipstick and my phone which is perfect! It also came with a clip-on wrist strap so it can be used as a clutch as well. Perfect! Finally I received the sweetest wristband/bracelet in an orange-rust colour with a brushed gold heart in the middle. It is very delicate and easy to wear- I'm not a huge jewellery fan! Thanks mum and dad x

My boyfriend absolutely spoiled me rotten this year! Firstly, a tub of Japanese Cherry Blossom body butter from the Body Shop, one of my most favourite scents. I got a beautiful faux leather diary with gold foil writing that says hello 2016 from Typo. I am an organised person so I was super excited to receive this! I may or may not have already planned the first 2 months of 2016...
I am a candle-holic so my next gift is perfect, a coconut-lime scented candle also from Typo. It is the perfect summer scent, I have already been burning this as well. However I am not so keen on the sticker on the side, it says 'You're weird, I like it', but all the candles in Typo have slogans on the side and maybe it is kind of apt coming from my boyfriend! The next gift is the star of my haul! Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium EDP. Ahhh I have been lusting over this for about 6 months. It is the most delicious and sexy musky scent. I can't really describe it any better (who can describe smells?) but I absolutely love it. Next he got me a new notebook for uni next year, a 4 subject spiral book with little document sleeves inside, also from Typo. I am super excited because it is my last semester at uni and I hope to be graduating in July 2016! He said he chose this one with the world map on the front because he wants me to travel the world, how sweet! Finally is a cute little pencil case to put all my coloured pens and pencils in (I have been swept up in the adult colouring craze), again from Typo. Black and gold faux leather with a strip of black pompoms across the front, super cute!!

I have really been spoiled rotten this year, I feel very fortunate. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and brings in the new year in style! I will see you next year (ha ha lame).

Take care,
elly xx

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